Spray Foam Insulation Causing Mortgage Problems

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Spray Foam Insulation Causing Mortgage Problems


Limited options exist for lenders when it comes to mortgage lending or equity release on properties with spray foam insulation. Therefore, careful consideration is necessary in approaching this situation. While closed-cell spray foam insulation can be removed, it is typically more expensive than the original insulation and may not completely resolve the financing issue.

What To Do

A more effective solution is to replace the entire roof, although this can be costly. Since roofs have a limited lifespan, replacing the spray foam insulation along with the roof is a wise investment. If you are interested in purchasing a house with spray foam insulation, there may be alternative options available. For instance, while a mortgage lender might not approve a mortgage application for the property, a bridging finance lender might consider it.

Bridge Loans

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Bridging loans, although more expensive with higher interest rates, offer greater flexibility. They are commonly used by developers to cover the costs of purchasing and renovating properties that do not qualify for a standard mortgage. However, it is important to demonstrate how you intend to repay the loan through a remortgage once the spray foam has been removed. This requires obtaining an agreement to support your application.

Equity Loans

When it comes to equity release, mortgages, and spray foam insulation, lenders rarely provide clear guidance on their policies. Therefore, seeking advice from a broker is crucial to determine whether they will approve a mortgage or equity release. Most mortgage lenders rely on surveys to identify the type of insulation present and use that information to make a decision. However, some lenders and equity release providers refuse to lend against properties with spray foam insulation.

Your Options

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While there are mortgage options available to meet your requirements, caution is advised when considering equity release, particularly with closed-cell spray foam insulation. It is worth noting that fitting spray foam insulation in your home is generally not recommended due to the associated disadvantages.

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